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For a Great Copier repair Service, and Printer repair Service call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE on your copier or printer. Click to call (800) 478-6133 for copier repair Today!

Functional Office Systems Services and repairs most brands of copiers and printers we give a FREE ESTIMATE to new customers and our copier repair and printer repair service rates as low as 95.00.

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PAPER JAMS IN THE COPIER OR PRINTER! Pull out paper trays in the copier or printer and check to make sure the copier paper is stacked evenly. Also look on the copier display to see the location of jams. Open all covers and use caution when removing.

COMMON Functional COPY QUALITY PROBLEMS! Check the original scannng glass. Thats the small strip of glass by where you put your originals on the copier glass. A dirty scanner will cause lines. Also on printers check your toner cartridges they can also cause lines on HP printers. Check the status of you image units they may just be old and need replacing as a supply.

Copier Maintenance Contracts

We have copier repair Maintenance Contracts that can fit your office copier needs, Service Contracts to include toner supplies all service in Houston and surrounding areas.

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Printer repair and printer service for Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, Sugar land and surrounding areas for all major Printer and copier Brands.

Used Copiers, Used Printers

Used copiers and lease return copiers are a money saving option for your office copier printer. Printers and copiers in excellent condition or reconditioned to your satisfaction.